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Heat circulation is where everything begins. The wide cooking chamber, together with the specially designed fans and deflectors that ensure balanced air circulation for baking evenly and provide even air distribution between pans. The adjustable exhaust fume valve allows for the quick expulsion of moisture from the cooking chamber.
Another special optional feature includes an inverter for adjusting the fan rotation speed to the desired level from semi-static to full convection.

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Simple commands, easy to use and install. Our counter top ovens are “Essential”. They can be installed anywhere you need to quickly defrost and bake ready to go dishes, croissants, baguettes, focaccias and lasagne.
You can find the right solution for your needs by dimension, capacity and power. Simple yet highly efficient, these ovens are also available with digital controls.

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Our gastronomy COMBI ovens meet the chef’s demands in both local and international kitchens. Flexibility and easy to use controls, either manual or digital, allow for a vast variety of preparations from baking to roasting to steaming and their combinations. A reliable and precise direct water injection system permits steaming at low temperatures.
The high performing air circulation system and the possibility of enhancing the cooking experience thanks to a steam generator (optional) and core probe with deltaT system are some of the features that characterize our gastronomy ovens.

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We offer professional gas ovens that, thanks to their precision, reliability and strength meet the demands of the most exigent chefs and bakers. The range is available with manual, digital or touch commands and with optional like the automatic washing system, featured to meet your specific needs.

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Italian Cooking Equipment

Discover our complete range of Ovens and Accessories. Convection Ovens, COMBI Steamers, Snack Ovens. Proving Chambers, Heated Cabinets. Oven Stands, Hoods.

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